Duty Instructors

Name Grade
Mon Lawrence Leung (5th Dan)
Tue Samuel Hui (4th Dan)
Wed Samson Li (6th Dan)
Fri Alan Chan (5th Dan)
Sat Justin Marchant / Vincent Chui (4th Dan)
Sun Edmund Wan (1 hr weapon training, 1 hr hand technique) (6th Dan)

Elementary Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Teaching will concentrate on basics, and 5th kyu to 3rd kyu techniques. Please refer to the exam. syllabus of the association. Technical Committee

Resumption of Training (March 2021)

Resumption of Training (March 2021)

Sports Venues have been open since mid-February and we are able to run some classes from the beginning of March.

There are HKSAR government and LCSD rules in place which must be followed. Class sizes are limited to 20. There are limitations on the way we can train. ie a distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between groups within the class and the training must be arranged in such a way as to limit the group number to a maximum of 4 persons (including the instructor). While it may not be required by LCSD, all are required to wear a face mask during training with HKAA and within the venue. Please note that all are required to register with the Venue before they will be allowed to enter (either by using the LeaveHomeSafe App or filling in details upon arrival).

If you wish to attend a class, you will need to register with the Association by email at vincent@aikido.com.hk Registration will open at 5:00 pm two days before the class and close at 5:00 pm the day before the class. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Successful registrants will be notified via email. The Instructor may decide to run two separate hour-long classes depending upon the numbers wishing to attend. Please indicate on your registration if you prefer the first or second session.

The class instructor will inform you of any other requirements for attending.

Please be reminded that the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong remains volatile. Members are asked to continue to be vigilant in maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask, washing hands. Members should not attend classes if they feel unwell or have any suspicion that they may have been in contact with the infection.

Exec Committee 5 March 2021

Renewal of 2020/2021 Membership

The Association wishes all the best for members during this Covid19 pandemic. We hope that you can remain fit, healthy and in good spirits during this difficult time.
The 2020/21 Annual Fee is normally due in April 2020. In view of the disruption and suspension of classes, the payment due date is delayed. We do ask that the payment of HKD200 be made by cheque or payment into the Associations bank account by 30 June 2020. If any member has difficulty with the arrangement please contact Samuel Hui (membership@aikido.com.hk) or Vincent Chui (vincent@aikido.com.hk).
Payment may be made directly into the Associations bank Account either via ATM or by internet banking.
Name: The Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited
Number: 004 (HSBC Bank Code) 485-292767-001
Please ensure you retain the receipt of the transaction and send a copy of the receipt via email or WhatsApp to the Association with your full name and membership number.
The Association will suspend autopay and the renewal of Sponsorship. Once the situation becomes more clear and classes resume, further announcements will be made in relation to training fees.
For the moment, when classes resume all current (to 31/3/2020) paid up members will be entitled to resume practice.
We hope to see you all on the mat in the not too distant future.
Executive Committee
May 2020

Message to HKAA Members from Sugawara Sensei (translated from Japanese)

Dear HKAA members,

How is everyone in the Hong Kong Aikido Association? I heard that you have been unable to practice Aikido for more than four months. I hope all is well with you. I imagine if I was in the same situation, it is very tough for me. So I know how you feel.

The Japanese government declared a state of emergency from 7th April until 6th May. Hombu dojo has been closed since 8th April. Three weeks have passed since the state of emergency was declared. I am staying at home during this period. The Japanese government did not order but only proposed people to stay home. I am really worried about how long it will last.

I look forward to when we can join together, to be back to normal and be able to practice again.

I sincerely hope that your seminar will be held in September. I would like to do Keiko and toast with everyone.

I hope that all of you will overcome this situation and resume your Keiko. I wish you all the best, it will be a little longer.

菅原 繁
Shigeru Sugawara