Duty Instructors in Oct to Dec 2015

Name Grade
Mon Samson Li (6th Dan)
Tue Samuel Hui (4th Dan)
Wed Edmund Wan (6th Dan)
Thu Billy Choong (4th Dan)
Fri Alan Chan (4th Dan)
Sat Yoshiaki Hikita (5th Dan)
Sun Edmund Wan (1 hr weapon training, 1 hr hand technique) (6th Dan)

Elementary Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Teaching will concentrate on basics, and 5th kyu to 3rd kyu techniques. Please refer to the exam. syllabus of the association. Technical Committee

Notice of Fifteenth Annual General Meeting

To: All members,

NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited will be held at:

Volunteers Clubhouse, 9/F, Happy Valley Stand, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Wong Nei Chung Road, Happy Valley on Saturday, 28 November 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

For the purpose of transacting of the following business:

1. To receive and consider the accounts and balance sheets prepared by the auditors and the reports of the Executive Committee.

2. To elect new Directors in place of those retiring from the Executive Committee in accordance with Article 39 of the Articles of Association. All current-serving Directors will retire at the Annual General Meeting. Being eligible, all current-serving Directors have offered themselves for re-election.

3. To appoint Auditors and fix the remuneration.

(Any member unable to attend the Annual General Meeting is entitled to appoint a representative with the proxy form. The proxy voting form must be duly completed and signed by the member, and delivered to the Secretary before commencement of the meeting. A representative need not be a member of the Association.)

By order of the Executive Committee
Chui Kin Fai, Vincent (Secretary)
28th October 2015

The documents for the AGM has been sent on 7 November 2015 via email. However hard copies of documents are available to members upon application to the Secretary. Copies of AGM documents will also be made available at the AGM. Please inform us by email (membership @aikido.com.hk) if NOT received the AGM Notice/documents.

Philip Lee Shihan Seminar, Shenzhen – 7 & 8th November 2015

HKAA members have been invited by Aikido Shinjukai, Shenzhen to join the seminar to be conducted by Philip Lee Shihan on 7 and 8 November 2015.

Please Note that HKAA will hold a grading on 7th November, but members may wish to join the seminar on Sunday 8th. Alan Chan Sensei (aikialan@yahoo.com.hk) will collect the fees for HK members wishing to attend Sunday. Please contact Alan for details and arrangements.

Please see the attached for further details.
Registration Form_2015

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Annual Dinner : 7 November 2015 (Saturday)

A Casual Annual Dinner will be held at Ho Man Tin after the Grading. The dinner is an opportunity for all the members get together and give a thanks to our instructors for running the classes for us over the year.

Please come to join the dinner and show your support to the Association and our instructors . Details of the dinner are as follows:-

Date        :        7 November, 2015. (Saturday)

Time        :        6:30pm. (Join at Dojo after the Grading), Dinner will be served at 7:00 pm.

Venue       :        Ho Man Tin Plaza, 80 Fat Kwong Road, Kowloon.

Cost        :        $150 per person

Please reserve your seat and paid to Directors Jimmy Lau.

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Grading Examination, Saturday 7th November 2015

The next grading examination is scheduled for Saturday, 7 November at a time and venue to be confirmed. Please check the website closer to the scheduled date.

Suitable candidates for 3rd Kyu and above will be invited.

Those wishing to take 5th or 4th Kyu grading should initially seek an advice from one of the Duty Instructors. Once you have received the support from a Duty Instructor, you should inform the membership director by an email at membership@aikido.com.hk before 1 September 2015 with the following information :-

(1) Member name
(2) Membership no.
(3) Kyu apply
(4) Duty instructor’s name to support you

The Grading Committee will meet and make the final decision on all those to be invited to grade. Those invited will then be informed by email.

Once you have received email to grade, you should then submit the application form to the Secretary of Executive Committee (Vincent Chui) before 3rd October with Hombu ID card and the examination fee.

Taking videos in the dojo without the prior approval of the Duty Instructor and the Association is not permitted. However, those who would like to have a video of their grading may arrange to do so. They must first seek permission from the Director Mr. Jimmy Lau prior to the commencement of the practice/grading examination. Those taking part in the examination and/or practice should not take videos or photographs.

Vincent Chui
TC Chairman
Grading Committee

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