Duty Instructors from Oct to Dec 2017

Name Grade
Mon Samson Li (6th Dan)
Tue Samuel Hui (4th Dan)
Wed Edmund Wan (6th Dan)
Thu Billy Choong (4th Dan)
Fri Alan Chan (4th Dan)
Sat Justin Marchant / Vincent Chui (4th Dan)
Sun Edmund Wan (1 hr weapon training, 1 hr hand technique) (6th Dan)

Elementary Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Teaching will concentrate on basics, and 5th kyu to 3rd kyu techniques. Please refer to the exam. syllabus of the association. Technical Committee

Grading Examination, Sunday 22 October 2017

The next grading examination is scheduled for Sunday, 22 October 2017 at The Queen Elizabeth Stadium at Wanchai from 4:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. Suitable candidates will be invited to grade. The Grading Committee will make the decision on all those to be invited to grade and will be informed by email before 16 October 2017. Once you have received the email inviting you to grade, please submit your application form to the Secretary of Executive Committee (Vincent Chui) before 16 October 2017 with Hombu ID card and the examination fee. Videos or photos are NOT allowed to be taken during the examination.

Vincent Chui

TC Chairman

Grading Committee

10 th Asian Aikido Federation Congress and
50 th Anniversary of ROC Aikido Association
3 to 6th November 2017

The 10th Asian Aikido Federation Congress and Seminar will be held from
November 3th (Friday) to November 6th (Monday) 2017 in Taipei. A dinner will
be held on the Sunday evening to celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of ROC Aikido
Association. Members interested in attending the event, please let the
Association know as soon as possible but before 20 th August 2017.

Click here for or further details.

AAF_2017_Seminar and Training Schedule

Renewal of 2017/2018 Membership

The 2017/2018 Annual Fee is due in April 2017. The annual fee of HK$200 should be settled on or before 18 March 2017. Payment should be made in full by cheque or cash. For those on auto pay*, the annual fee will be deducted with the April payment at the end of March. Members should take the opportunity to update their contact details if necessary. There is no need to submit the renewal form if you have no changes.

The fee and the updated information should be handed in to Samuel Hui (membership@aikido.com.hk) or Vincent Chui (vincent@aikido.com.hk).

You may consider being a Sponsorship Member for annual HK$3,200 (Annual Fee $200 + Sponsorship Fee $3,000). The benefits are training at HKAA scheduled classes and seminars for a period of 12 months from April to the end of March 2018. (Sponsorship is only available before 18 March, 2017)

*Members who currently have their monthly fee settled by auto pay, may change to Sponsorship.

    Members are encouraged to make their monthly payment via autopay (or sponsorship). If you have some difficulty, please contact the Association to make alternative arrangements.

    Auto pay Form link

    Feb 2017