Renew 2014 Membership

The 2014/15 Annual Fee is due in April 2014. The annual fee of HK$200 should be settled on or before 30 April 2014. Payment should be made in full by cheque, cash or pre-authorized debit (Auto-pay) from your bank account.

If you are chosen the payments by pre-authorized debits (Auto-pay) the sum total of HK$500 (with the Monthly Training Fee) will be automatically withdrawn from your designated bank account in April 2014. Please note that any late or dishonoured payments are subject to interest or other charges in accordance with the fee policy, and may be subject to penalties.

All members are encouraged to join the Direct Debit Authorisation (Auto-pay), Application Form is now available for download from web-site if you are choosing the payments through Direct Debit Authorisation. It must be completed and returned to the HKAA by mail or in person to our Executive Committee members. ( DO NOT send by Email )

You may consider being a Sponsorship Member for annual HK$3,200 (Annual Fee $200 + Sponsorship Fee $3,000) benefits a free training for a period of 12 months in the fiscal year from April to March next year. (It only available before 14 Apr, 2014)
**Those members who have applied their monthly fee pay by autopay, you can change to Sponsorship**

If for any reason you are unable to make the payment or have difficulty with the Auto-pay system, please let us know by writing to We will then do what we can to work out a settlement for your account.

All member also are required to completed the following TWO form for renew membership:

會 員 續 會 表 格 Ordinary Member Renewal Form

As an International Aikido Federation (IAF) member, The Hong Kong Aikido Association (HKAA) is committed to upholding the IAF Policy and Rules on Anti-doping.

The Association also requires its members and visitors to comply with the Anti-doping Policy and Rules of the IAF.  From April 2014 Members and Visitor are required to agree and sign the following when joining our association or training with us.

Anti-doping Policy and Rules Acknowledgment and Agreement

For the IAF Anti-Doping Policy and Rules, please see the links below to these documents.