Renewal of 2018/2019 Membership

The 2018/2019 Annual Fee is due in April 2018. The annual fee of HK$200 should be settled on or before 18 March 2018. Payment should be made in full by cheque or cash. For those on auto pay*, the annual fee will be deducted with the April payment at the end of March. Members should update their contact details.
HKAA renewal form 2018

The fee and the 2018 renewal form should be handed in to Samuel Hui ( or Vincent Chui (

You may consider being a Sponsorship Member for HK$3,200 (non-refundable) (Annual Fee $200 + Sponsorship Fee $3,000). The benefits are training at HKAA scheduled classes and seminars for a period of 12 months from April 2018 to the end of March 2019. (Sponsorship is only available before 18 March, 2018)

*Members who currently have their monthly fee settled by auto pay, may change to Sponsorship.

    Members of 5th kyu and above are advised to make their monthly payment via autopay (or sponsorship).

    Auto pay Form link

    Feb 2018