Message to HKAA Members from Sugawara Sensei (translated from Japanese)

Dear HKAA members,

How is everyone in the Hong Kong Aikido Association? I heard that you have been unable to practice Aikido for more than four months. I hope all is well with you. I imagine if I was in the same situation, it is very tough for me. So I know how you feel.

The Japanese government declared a state of emergency from 7th April until 6th May. Hombu dojo has been closed since 8th April. Three weeks have passed since the state of emergency was declared. I am staying at home during this period. The Japanese government did not order but only proposed people to stay home. I am really worried about how long it will last.

I look forward to when we can join together, to be back to normal and be able to practice again.

I sincerely hope that your seminar will be held in September. I would like to do Keiko and toast with everyone.

I hope that all of you will overcome this situation and resume your Keiko. I wish you all the best, it will be a little longer.

菅原 繁
Shigeru Sugawara