Grading Examination, Saturday 20 August 2022

The next grading examination is scheduled for Saturday, 20 August 2022 at Ho Man Tin Sports Centre.

The Association intends booking extra time, either on the 20 August or alternatively split the grading between the 20th August and the following Saturday, 27th August. The decision on this will be made by about the 14th August and posted on the web-site. Please take note of these possible changes.

Eligible candidates have been notified that they may apply to grade. All members are encouraged to attend to support those grading.

For those grading 3rd kyu and above please notify the secretary of your chosen uke(s). For those grading 5th and 4th kyu, the Grading Panel will select a suitable uke for you.

Videos or photographs are NOT allowed to be taken during the examination.

Vincent Chui
TC Chairman
Grading Committee