About HKAA

Hong Kong Aikido Association (HKAA)

Kenneth Cottier (1933-2008)

The Hong Kong Aikido Association was established with the aim of promoting the martial art of Aikido in Hong Kong. It was incorporated in 1999 as the Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited and is served by voluntary staff and instructors. It was founded by Mr. Kenneth Cottier (1933 – 2008) in 1971 who started a Aikido dojo in Homantin Street, Kowloon. Cottier Shihan passed away in 2008. Since 2009, we have been very fortunate to have Hombu Shihan, Sugawara Shigeru come to Hong Kong and to conduct a seminar each year.

The Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited is a recognized dojo by the Aikikai, Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and is a founding member of the International Aikido Federation. Subject to availability of training venues, the Hong Kong Aikido Association offers training seven days a week (except on public holidays) at government sporting facilities on both Hong Kong and Kowloon sides.

seminar 1s

Sugawara Sensei Seminar 2013

Executive Committee (EC)

2014 Executive Committee Members of the HKAA.
1. Chairman – Stephen John Kennedy
2. 1st Vice Chairman – Dicky Yau Tit Ching
3. 2nd Vice Chairman – Justin Marchant
4. Secretary/Assistant Treasurer – Vincent Chiu
5. Treasurer/Webmaster – Raymond Lau Wai man
6. TC Representative – Samson LI Pik Chau
7. Hombu Liaison – Yoshiaki Hikita
8. Membership – Samuel HUI Choi san
9. Assistant Membership – Tony Chan
10. Venue Booking – Chan Man Cheung
11. Activities – Jimmy Lau
12. Activities – Lawerence Leung Charn Wah

Technical Committee (TC)

- To monitor regular training programmes
- To organize grading tests
- To organize other training programmes, such as workshops
- To plan and coordinate demonstrations
- To be responsible for the appointment of instructors
- To arrange the schedule of duty instructors
- To deal with matters of dojo and members (including instructors) discipline

Founder – Kenneth Cottier Sensei (1933 – 2008)
Chairman – Vincent Chui Kin Fai 
Vice Chairman – Justin Marchant 
Vice Chairman – Samuel HUI Choi san 
Advisor – Edmund Wan Hon Yuen
Advisor – Samson Li Pik Chau 
Advisor  - Yoshiaki Hikita
Member - Lawrence Leung Charn Wah
Member – Alan Chan Man Luen
Member – Billy Choong Siew Heun