Programme for 2017 (Updated at EC 3/2017)

Date Event Notes
15 Dec 2016 First meeting of the 2017 EC
29 Mar Workshop Samson Li
4 April Dan Grade Training Edmund Wan
20-23 April Seminar by Sugawara Sensei
Informal Gathering with Sugawara Sensei Not held
22 Apr Grading Tests
3 May Workshop Edmund Wan
20 May Technical Committee Meeting Before Saturday Class
10 (or 11) June 8th Memorial Practice and Embu in Memory of Cottier Sensei Saturday or Sunday; try to book QE Stadium
1 July Dan Grade Training Samson Li
1 July Yudansha-kai meeting
September Workshop Lawrence Leung
30 Sep Annual Dinner Saturday
HKAA visit to Hombu
5 Oct Dan Grade Training
21 or 22 Oct Grading
25 or 26 Nov AGM
16 Dec Christmas Party

Members Please Note: Actual Dates may vary from proposed due to availability of dojo or other. See this website for Announcements closer to each event. A dinner is usually held after each of the above scheduled practices, gradings, workshops and seminars. All members are welcome to join the dinners.
5,6 Mar Aioikai Aikido Sanda Dojo, 20th Anniversary Horii Sensei, Doshu
26 Mar Butokukan 12th Anniversary Shenzhen
3-6 Nov ROCAA 50th Anniversary, Taipei Details to be announced
2018 Shinjukai 30th Anniversary Singapore, date to be announced