Programme for 2019
(Agreed at EC 2/2019)

Date Event Notes
10 Jan 2019 First meeting of the 2019 EC
23 February Workshop Edmund Wan
19 April Dan Grade Training Lawrence Leung
11-14 April Seminar by Sugawara Sensei Dates Confirmed
13 April Grading Tests
18 May Workshop Samson Li
16 May Technical Committee Meeting
8 June 11th Memorial Practice and Embu in Memory of Cottier Sensei
1 July Dan Grade Training
1 July Yudansha-kai meeting
17 Aug Workshop Alan Chan
28 Sep Annual Dinner
1 Oct Dan Grade Training Samson Li
Sep or Oct Visit to Hombu
19 Oct Grading Tests
8-11 Nov Workshop Arita Sensei To be confirmed
14 Nov AGM
14 Dec Christmas Party

Please Note: Dates are subject to change depending upon availability of venue(s).
Other Events in 2019
19 and 20 Jan Mikio Kobayashi Seminar, Macau Wabukan Dojo
18-21 Oct Asian Aikido Federation Congress Taipei, 18 to 21 October 2019