Dojo Etiquette and Customs and Anti-doping

Dojo Etiquette and Customs (updated 2013)

The Rules & Bye-Laws of the Association and the Dojo Etiquette and Customs have been posted for members’ information. All members should readRules & Bye Laws of Associationand be aware of these Rules and are required to follow them.

The Rules and Bye-Laws were agreed by the membership upon incorporation of the Association in 1999. The Dojo Etiquette and Customs have been endorsedby the Executive Committee. Both the Rules & Bye-Laws and the Etiquette and Customs may be amended from time to time.

Dojo etiquette and regulations

The rules and by-laws

Anti-doping( updated 2014) The International Aikido Federation (IAF) is committed to the WADA anti-doping policy and rules.The Hong Kong Aikido Association (HKAA) is a member organization of the IAF and supported the IAF decisions on Anti-doping.. The Hong Kong Aikido Association has also adopted  Anti-doping Policy and Rules.Members are required to agree and sign the following Anti-doping Agreement when joining our Association for training. Visitors are also required to sign the Agreement and pass it in to a Duty Indtructor or officer of the Association prior to training with the Association

Anti Doping agreement

For the IAF Anti-Doping Policy and Rules, see the links below to these documents.