Programme for 2021

The Association will not run as extensive a programme in 2021 as in previous years due to the ongoing pandemic. It would not be possible to have many in one dojo as we may have had in previous years due risk of contagion and social distancing restrictions. However we will run classes subject to venue availability as before.

The EC has decided we will run the following events in 2021:

Annual Dinner Saturday 11 September
Annual General Meeting Saturday 13 November
Christmas Party Saturday 11 December

These will be held depending upon the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong closer to the time of the event and HKSAR Government restrictions.

We had to cancel our 50th Anniversary this year due to the risk of creating a spreading event, likely restrictions on gatherings and ongoing problems with quarantining and air travel. We will not hold it in 2022 either but make a decision on this when the situation with the pandemic becomes clearer.

Executive Committee
June 2021