Fee Increase for 2022/23

The Association will raise the training Fees for 2022/23. This possibility was flagged at the last AGM. The fee increase will coincide with the re-introduction of training Fees on 1st August 2022. (see below)

This is the first significant increase since the monthly payment system commenced in 2000. The monthly training fee will be increased to $500 per month. The sponsorship fee will be proportionately raised to $5000 per year, but as the training fee will be reintroduced from August 2022, the sponsorship fee for the remainder of 2022/23 (to the end of March 2023) will be $3000. The visitor fee will be increased to $100 per class. The Annual Membership Fee will remain at $200 per annum.

For more details, members please refer to the ‘Training fee Increase’ notice, which you should have received by email.

Reintroduction of Training Fees 1 August 2022

The Association will reintroduce training fees from 1 August 2022. It seems we are able to offer more regular classes from July and August 2022. Of course this is still subject to venue availability and any Covid 19 restrictions.

For those on auto pay*, the first payment of $500 will be deducted on 15 August for the August payment and thereafter at the end of each month for the following months fee.

The fee for a Sponsorship Member is set at HK$3,000 for the remainder of 2022/23. The Sponsorship option is available until 31 August 2022.

Payment may be made by cheque or directly into the Associations bank Account either via ATM or by internet banking. If any member has difficulty with the arrangement please contact Justin Marchant (justin@aikido.com.hk) or Vincent Chui (vincent@aikido.com.hk).

For payments directly into the Association’s bank account, details are as follows.
Name: The Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited
Number: 004 (HSBC Bank Code) 485-292767-001

Please ensure you retain the receipt of the transaction and send a copy of the receipt via email or What’s App to the Association with your full name and membership number.

Members should take the opportunity to update their contact details if necessary. There is no need to submit the renewal form if you have no changes.

Payments by cheque and any updated contact detail information should be handed in to Justin Marchant or Vincent Chui.

*Members who previously had their monthly fee settled by auto pay, may change to Sponsorship.

Members are encouraged to become a Sponsorship member or make their monthly payment via autopay. If you have some difficulty, please contact the Association to make alternative arrangements.

Executive Committee
July 2022