The Hong Kong Aikido Association offers Aikido training seven days a week (Subject to availability of training venues) in government training facilities in both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
To join us, please register by contacting HKAA via email to Membership Director ( with the following documents:-

  1. a signed and completed copy of the appropriate form (Ordinary Member or Junior Member Application Form)
  2. a signed and completed copy of the anti-doping agreement and
  3. a copy of your Hong Kong Identity Card or your passport.

All Members must pay the Monthly Fee before joining any class in the first month, followed by bank auto payment for the following months.

Application for leaveIf a member cannot attend any training in any calendar month, the member must give notice on or before 20th of the prior month in written or by E-mail to the Association.  (e.g. If you cannot attend the training in April, you need to inform us by written notice or E-mail on or before 20th March). The Association will not charge any monthly fee for that particular month under the notice by Autopay.
New Ordinary Member (for the age from 18 and above) Ordinary Member Application Form
Admission Fee HKD100
Annual Fee (April – March) HKD200
Monthly Training Fee HKD500
Junior Member (for the age over 14 but under 18) Junior Member Application Form
Admission Fee HKD100
Annual Fee HKD150
Monthly Training Fee HKD500
Non-Member (Non-members of this Association must complete a registration form and submit it together with the required fees to the duty instructor before joining practice) Registration Form
Mat Fee (Each Class) – Oversea Visitor ONLY HKD100 (Effective from August 2022)