Booking Dojos

We are recruiting volunteers to help us to book dojos. You can help to book either one day or multiple days whichever convenient to you and you have to be log in the LCSD website before 7:00am. We will provide proper training before start doing this job. People who can help please contact Mr Chan Man Cheung at
Feb 2018

Duty Instructors

Edmund Wan (6th Dan)
Samson Li (6th Dan)
Lawrence Leung (5th Dan)
Alan Chan (5th Dan)
Vincent Chui (5th Dan)
Justin Marchant (5th Dan)
Classes will be held on Mondays to Sundays (excluding Thursdays) subject to the availability of a venue. Elementary Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Teaching will concentrate on basics, and 5th kyu to 3rd kyu techniques. Please refer to the exam. syllabus of the Association. Some bookings cannot be secured until 7 days in advance. Please refer to the Training Schedule for times, dates, Instructor and other information. Technical Committee

Kenneth Cottier Fund

The Hong Kong Aikido Association has set up the Kenneth Cottier Fund to mark the 1st Anniversary of Sensei’s passing as a tribute to his enormous dedication and contribution to Aikido over the past four decades.

The Fund will be used to promote Aikido in Hong Kong and to foster the Association’s relationship with Hombu Dojo and other Aikido organisations overseas.

The Executive Committee of the HKAA will be responsible for the administration and use of the Fund. A sum of HK$100,000 has been put aside to launch the Fund. The Fund will be “topped up” with an amount to be decided by the Executive Committee and by voluntary donations or contributions from members and friends of Cottier Sensei and the Association.

Contributions will be most welcome. If you would like to make a contribution details please approach the Secretary at for details

Executive Committee
8 June 2009